LOOK UP! Installation Glowing Reviews

On Feb. 18th our installation, titled at the time, 'LOOK UP! Visions from Under the Canopy,' debuted at the 15th Street Quaker Meeting House. I projected a 45 minute program of photographs and video on ceiling suspended screen of the under canopy of Linden Trees in all four seasons. Set in Linden Terrace of Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan, these jewel like images helped create a visual meditation. The sound scape was a collaboration between myself and Gabriel Richards with a musical contribution from Volker Goetze.  Photo editing by my partner, Steven Soblick.

We had about 150 guests enjoying the installation throughout the day long event. They also visited the Common Room in which they viewed the short documentary featuring naturalist and author, Leslie Day. The video explored the scientific side of trees while exploring Leslie's personal experiences in nature.  The entire event was geared towards inspiring people to be more in touch with nature and each other.

Perhaps the most moving comment left for us on the feedback cards came from a teenager who faced a lot of challenges in his life. He said that the installation made him aware of how much beauty he was missing. And he found it transformative.